Glo-Protect CON-SOLUTION 100 (CS-100)


Multi-Purpose Waterproofing Bonding Agent

Advance modified styrene acrylic co-polymer based latex system.

Areas of Application of CS-100

  • New Construction – Concrete bonding in all the areas
  • Concrete repairs - Spalled concrete of floors, columns, beams, chajja, slabs, parapets, etc.
  • Waterproofing – Small roof terraces, swimming pool, sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms, water storage tank, chajja & lift pits, balconies etc.
  • As a bond coat – For bonding of new concrete to old concrete, masonry stone work, plastering
  • Cladding – Fixing or re-fixing of slip bricks, tiles, stones & marble bedding
  • As external rendering – Weatherproof & frost resistant render
  • As bonding slurry coat for pinhole treatment on concrete surface

Method of Application:

Surface Preparation

  • Clean the surface with wire brush or scrubber to remove hidden dirt, loose particles, laitance & dust.
  • Repair the spalled concrete portion by saw, cutting the extreme edges of the repair location to a depth of at least 10 mm to avoid featheredging & to provide strong bond.
  • Clean the concrete surface to remove any contamination where breaking is not possible. Roughen the surface by light scrabbling or grit blasting.
  • For priming of concrete substrate, the surface should be thoroughly saturated with potable water. Remove any excess of water prior to application.


  1. WATERPROOFING COATING: Mix Glo-Protek CS-100 : Cement in the ratio 1:1.5 by volume. Mix for 2-3 minutes. Keep on slowly adding cement to Glo-Protek CS-100 until the required consistency is achieved. Brush apply 2 coats of the mix in a span of 4-6 hours on the prepared concrete substrate. Overlay the coating with a protective screed to the desired slope & thickness.
  2. Plastering: Make a cement mixture using 50kg cement and 5 kg Glo-Protek CS-100 with 15ltr of water. Apply on thin sections, which impart waterproofing.
  3. BONDING PRIMER: Mix Glo-Protek CS-100 : Cement in the ratio 1:1 by volume. Brush apply 1 continuous coat of the mix on the prepared concrete substrate. Ensure to overlay the repair mortar when the bond coat is still tacky.
  4. NEW or REPAIR MORTARS & RENDERS: Portland Cement: 50 kg, Washed sand: 150 kg, Glo-Protek CS-100 6-7.5 kg & Water: 10 Lit. Level the surface and give a topcoat with bonding coat made as above.
  5. FLOOR SCREEDS & PCC: Portland Cement: 50 kg, Washed sand: 75kg, 6mm downsize aggregates: 75 kg, Glo-Protek CS-100, 6-7.5 kg & Water: 10 Lit.


As a waterproofing coating: Mix proportion by volume; 1:1.5 (Glo-Protek CS-100 : Cement)

As a mortar modifier: 10-15 % of Glo-Protek CS-100 by weight of cement

As a bonding agent: Mix proportion by volume; 1:1 (Glo-Protek CS-100 : Cement)