Glo-Protek Rust Remover 197 (GPRR)

Concentrate Solution (Dilute with water 1:1)

  • Removes rust from steel components, especially machined surfaces of cast iron and forged components, reinforcement steel rods, couplers, slotted angles, ERW tubes etc. used in bus body construction etc.
  • Removes thin wet films of oil, grease etc.
  • Forms a complex phosphate coating, which retards, to a remarkable degree, formation of rust.
  • May be used by brush or by dip method, depending upon the location of rust to be removed, size of the components, location of the rust-spot, and number of components. Ideal for use in derusting components that are on the shop floor or high up on steel structurals.
  • When the rust to be removed is heavy, it is only a question of a little more time.
  • No need to rinse the treated surface; just wipe dry with clean, white cloth. If you use coloured cloth, the colour will be transferred to the treated surface of the component.
  • Example: when cast iron component got rusted while waiting for assembly; “GPRR” was applied by brush and allowed to remain for about 5 minutes. Then the residual chemical was wiped off. The surface was free from rust and had a phosphate coating, which protected the surface from corrosion for about 3 months in indoor storage on shop floor. In such cases, after application of GPRR and after the rust has been removed, you may wipe the surface shortly thereafter, or take your time to wipe the surface.

GPRR comes of great help when you have to remove even heavy rust from

  • Cold rolled sheet metal surfaces
  • Machined cast iron surfaces
  • Steel reinforcement rods and couplers used in civil engineering construction
  • Machinery which get rusted in use etc.
  • Steel structurals which get rusted in isolated areas or in areas where shot blasting is not possible for any reason.

GPRR after diluting require quantity with water by 1:1 ration, apply by brushing method or by dip process, depending upon the dimension, contour and number of work pieces to be treated.

If you use it by brushing method, allow the chemical to remain on the surface for some time: say 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the type and degree of rust.

If you use it by dip process, keep the components immersed in GPRR long enough for the rust to be removed. Rust will be dissolved in the chemical and a complex phosphate coating will be formed, integral with the surface. In either case, do not rinse the surface with water; the chemical will ‘spend itself out’ by reacting with the base metal.

The treated surface may be left as it is for about a week or so under controlled storage conditions depending upon the corrosive nature of the environment. Keep the components away from water splashes etc. Ultimately if you wish to paint the treated surface, wipe the surface free of residual chemical and dust, using a clean white cloth, and then, when the surface is dry enough, paint.

Packing : 30ltr drum