Glo-Protek High Solid Surface Tolerant Marine Epoxy Coating RC-M-146

A two component Special Modified Phenalkamine cured, High solids, rust encapsulating, selfpriming, surface tolerant Epoxy Coating.


An ideal yet economical protective coating for rusty steel where elaborate surface preparation is not possible. The coating has excellent adhesion to various uncoated surfaces, as well as previously coated surfaces, making it an ideal maintenance coating. Epoxy coating “RC” has low permeability, excellent flexibility and good chemical resistant making it suitable for use in severe industrial and marine environments subject to attack of acids, alkalis, solvents and salts. Typically used on structural steel, concrete tanks, bridges, offshore structures, power plants and chemical plants. Good coating for Ballast tanks. The coating can be over-coated with alkyd, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, epoxy and Polyurethane coatings.


Not recommended for immersion in acids, alkalies and solvents


Colour Grey
Finish / Sheen Semi Glossy
Volume Solids 80% + 2
Mixing ratio 4 : 1 by volume
Pot Life 2 hours @ 30°C
Recommended DFT 75 μ minimum
Theoretical Covering 10.66 M2 / litre @ 75μ dft.
Thinner Recommended None for application. Use Glo-Protek Epoxy Thinner for cleaning brush or spray equipment
Method of Application Brush / Roller / Con. / Airless Spray.
Airless Spray Tip size: 0.018"-0.023" & Fluid Pressure: 2500-3500 psi
Drying Time Surface dry : 5 hours @ 30°C & Hard dry : 16 hours @ 30°C
Full Cure 7 days for maximum resistance
Overcoating Interval Minimum 16 Hours & Maximum 1 Month
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of manufacture

Surface Preparation

Remove loose rust, dust, alkaline salt deposition and marine growth, if any by manual or power tool cleaning method. For best results, blast clean the surface to Sa 2.5 standard. Consult Glo-Protek technical service for extent of surface tolerance for ELPF.

Safety Precautions



Ventilate confined spaces adequately prior to and during application

Packing : 20 Litres.