Glo-Protek HS Aliphatic Acrylic PU-612

High Solid Aliphatic Acrylic base Polyurethane Top Coat with High Glos

Glo-Protek HS Aliphatic Acrylic PU-612 coating is developed using high solids polyurethane with N75 hardener of Bayer. The coating is thin film and has very high abrasion resistance, excellent UV resistance properties and resistance to chemical fumes exposure.


Surfaces must be clean and dry. Dirt, dust oil and other contaminants should be removed. A suitable primer for concrete or steel application from our range may be used as per instruction of the company


Abrasion on concrete One coat of paint @ 50 microns after primer 70 mg. loss after 1000 cycles, CS17 wheel, 1000 gm. load


No rusting, no blistering, softening or discoloration after either 30 days of fresh water Immersion or 30 days of saltwater immersion at 35 Deg C.

Solids Content :

60% by weight

Theoretical Coverage Rate :

VOC Values : 8 sqm / coat @ 50 microns by brush.
Excellent flow characteristics allow for application by spray or roller.
Superior impact and abrasion resistance and can be relocated.

Colour Shade and Packing :

All Ral shades - 2 kg and 5 kg and custom built kits.

Storage :

Six months from the date of manufacture.
Store under cool, dry & sheltered place away from direct sunlight, heat & water.