Glo-Protect Flake Epoxy Coating

Glo-Protect Flake Epoxy Coating is a two pack low VOC high build mastic surface tolerant epoxy coating reinforced with chemically inert glass flake for application on manually cleaned steel surface for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance of steel structures in all corrosive environment including splash zone areas of offshore structures.


Glo-Protek HB Glass Flake Epoxy Coating can be applied over most of the tightly adhering aged coatings and concrete surface. It gives wear resistance and can withstand acid-fumes area. It widely used as maintenance painting for Drilling Rigs and Platforms Fertilizer Plants, Chemical Factories, Refineries, Petrochemical units, Railway Bridges, Marine & Port Installations.


Colour Brown / Dark Grey
Finish Semi glossy
Flash Point Above 20ºC
Mixing Ratio Base: Accelerator 2 : 1 (By Volume)
Volume Solids 90 % approximately
Recommended dry film thickness 200 - 300 microns per coat
Corresponding wet film thickness 220 – 333 microns
Theoretical Spreading Rate 4.5 – 3.0 Sq.metre per litre
Drying time Touch dry- 3 – 4 hours
Hard dry- 18 hours
Full curing- 7 days
Interval before Overcoating Minimum –18 hours
Maximum – depends on conditions


Exposures Splash & Spillage Fumes & Exposure
Acids Very Good Very Good
Alkalis Very Good Very Good
Solvents Good Excellent
Salt Excellent Excellent
Water Excellent Excellent


Up to nine months as long as the sealed containers are kept under cover in a dry place under normal temperature conditions.


Remove grease oil etc by solvent wiping and water-soluble contaminants by fresh water hosing. Blast clean to Sa 2 1/2 grade minimum of Swedish specification SIS – 05 – 5900 - 1967.

If blast cleaning is not practical make full use of hand or power tools to remove loose rust / scale to St 2 or St 3 grade of Swedish specification SIS - 05 - 5900 - 1967.

Avoid polishing the steel surface. Surface should be clean and dry before application.

Method of Application

Brush / Airless Spray : Apply Two coat
Airless spray recommended for uniform and high film build.
Notes on Airless Spray: Tip Range : 31 – 37 thou.
Total out put fluid pressure : 2500 - 3200 psi (176 – 225 kg/
Pot Life : 2 – 3 hours
Thinner : Epoxy Thinner 121


As a general safety precaution, care should be taken to avoid contact of liquid paint with skin and eyes, and inhalation of solvent vapors or paint mist should be avoided. Air movement should be ensured with proper forced ventilation when applying the paint in confined spaces. Skin, eye and respiratory protection is always recommended at all times while coating.