Glo-Protek Marine H.B. Epoxy Red Oxide Primer M-130

A two pack Polyamide cured high build Epoxy Primer containing Zinc Phosphate / Zinc Chromate pigment. This primer is also available with Redoxide apart from Zinc Phosphate / Zinc Chromate and the combination thereof. The cured film gives a strong rust preventing coating ideal for use on blast cleaned surfaces or as a holding primer.


Colour Grey / Red / Yellow
Finish Matt to Egg-Shell
Flash Point > 25ºC
Mixing Ratio Base : Adduct - 4 : 1
Pot Life 8 hours
Volume Solids 50% ± 2
Recommended DFT 40-50μ per coat
Covering Capacity 10.0 M²/ltr. at 50μ
With 30% Loss 7.0 M²
Method of Application Brush / Roller / Airless / Con. Spray
Airless Spray Tip size : 0.018" - 0.024", Fluid Pressure : 2500 – 3500 psi.
Drying Time Surface Dry : 30 minutes, Hard Dry : 6 to 8 hours
Over coating Interval 8 – 10 hrs. Minimum. (for best results overcoat within 48 hours.) As this is a shop coat primer the overcoat interval can be anything between 16 hrs. to three months extendible up to eight months subject to proper inspection and preparation of the surface prior to application of subsequent coats.
Thinner Glo-Protek Epoxy Thinner
Storage Life 12 Months

Surface Preparation

Degrease and blast clean to Sa 2½ minimum. Over zinc primed surfaces ensure that the primer is fully cured and free from all surface contaminants.


20 Litres

Health & Safety

Ventilate confined spaces adequately prior to and during application.