D2Rust - Direct 2 Rust

Glo-Protek D2Rust(Direct 2 Rust) is a two part, moisture-cure, High Build, advance Acrylic Polyurethane and self-priming metallic Coating. It has a unique metallic fillers, anti-corrosive and moisture-cure formulation in which after application, it begins to cure by pulling moisture from the molecular level as well as microscopically swelling into the individual pores of the surface as it hardens. This process seals the surface against the penetration of air, moisture, or minerals on the subtract which causes further corrosion.

Glo-Protek D2Rust(Direct 2 Rust) is an excellent self-priming finish coat on a variety of substrates such as steel, aluminum, coated metal, asbestos sheet, glass fibre reinforced polyester, wood etc.

Glo-Protek D2Rust(Direct 2 Rust) can be over coated on any paint (Enamel-Epoxy-PU) to give extra strength and enhance the life of the metal. Further MCPL also gives warrantee of this quality product.

D2Rust VS. Traditional Methods..

  Traditional Methods Glo-Protek D2Rust
Installation Requires tedious and harmful sandblasting and profile of SA 2.50 Minimal surface preparation.
Application Involves primer & multiple coats. Paint can be directly applied on the adherent traces of rusted surface. Its self-primed and bonds firmly.
Moisture Prevention Zero protection from pores, atmospheric oxidation, mold, mildew and other environmental toxins. Due to moisture-cure formulation, it pulls moisture from base and firms molecular & microscopically harden surface.
Durability Shorter lifetime tolerance. Long lastingness.
Corrosion Not effective due to continues corrosion process. Deep seals the surface at molecular level and stops the process of rusting.
Repair & Maintenance Requires continual repair or complete revamp. Due to less surface preparation and tough coating, it last uninterrupted and gives cost effective solution.
Warrantee No warrantee MCPL gives warrantee

Suggested Uses : An ideal coating to be used on metal at :

Ports & Docks - Dry docking, Jetty, Conveyor Belts, Cranes, Pipe Lines etc.

Shipping Industries - Ship Builders, Ship Repairs, Deck, Ballast tank, containers etc.

Automobiles Industries - Body, Spare Parts, Ancillary Units, Structures etc.

Locomotive and Railways - Wagons, Bogies, Coaches, Tracks, Clips, Tankers, Cattle Carrier, Over Head Structures, Engines, etc.

Industrial Fabrication - Machinery & Equipment mfg.

Building Construction – RCC structures. - Steel Rebars coating, Structure, Panel, Grills, Gates etc.

Installation of Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries.

Oil and Natural Gas Installations - Pipe lines, Platforms, Open Structure etc..

Practically all types of industries where the problem of rusting of Iron is present and looking for quality protective coatings.

Technical Data of GPRC

Colour Silver-Grey
Finish Egg Shell Finish
Volume Solids 64% ± 2 %
Mixing Ratio Base 4 : Adduct 1 by volume
Pot Life 1 ½ hours (Depending on Ambient temperature)
Recommended DFT Approx 120 -160 microns / two coats (Minimum 2 coats required)
Theoretical covering capacity 9.10 m2/ L @ 70 microns dft – One Coat
7.10 m2/ L @ 90 microns dft – One coat
Heat Resistance Upto 356°F (180°C) dry heat (Intermittently).
Drying Time Surface Dry : 1 hour
Hard Dry : 4 to 6 hours
Full Cure : 7 days
Overcoating Interval Minimum 2 hrs to maximum 6 hrs.
Shelf Life 12 months in sealed container stored at room temperature.
VOC Level 351 grams/litre; 2.94 lb./gal.
Resistant Level Resistant to most solvents, chemicals and some acids.
Lead Level Lead free.
Airless Spray Tip size: 0.015"- 0.019" | Fluid pressure: 2000- 2500 psi.
Packing 4 and 20 liters / 1 and 4 US gallon.
Warrantee MCPL gives warrantee.

Method Of Application

  • Remove rust scales, flaking rust, dew, dirt, oil or grease particles from the surface by appropriate means. However, there is no need to remove all the traces of rust.
  • Glo-Protek D2Rust does not require tedious and hazardous sandblasting process.
  • Glo-Protek D2Rust can be applied on fresh metal as per ratio.
  • Mixing - As per mix ration.
  • Base and adduct-hardener must be hand stirred separately followed by power driven stirrer for quick homogenous mixing for atleast five minutes.
  • Minimum 120 to 160 micron / two coats should be applied to get the optimum result.
  • Glo-Protek D2Rust can be applied by brush, roller or spray method.
  • Time interval between two coats should be minimum 2 hrs to maximum 6 hrs.
  • NOTE: This produce must not be applied on chlorinated rubber.
  • NOTE: We don't recommend use of thinner. No curing agent needed. If at all required for spraying, use 5 - 10% PU thinner.
  • Minimum Surface Temperature when applying; 41°F (5°C)
  • Maximum Surface Temperature when applying; 150°F (65°C)

Test and Certifications

Drying Time Dries in 45 minutes as per ASTM-5895
Acid Leach Test Passes the test as per lab standard
Mold-Fungus-Mildew Resistance Passes the test as per ASTM-D3273
Adhesion Test Passes the test as per ASTM-D3359
Scratch Test Passes above 1000 gm test as per ASTM-C1624
Resistance to Temp. dry Heat (Intermittently) No damage to the coated surface and Passes 180°C (356°F) passes the test as per ASTM-D2485
Immersion Test No rust observed and passes the test as per ASTM-D6943
Weathering Test Passes the test for 5000+ hrs as per ASTM-D1014
Salt Spray Test (2 coats of total 180 microns DFT) No rust observed and passes the test for 5000+ hrs as per ASTM-B117
UV Exposure Test Passes the test for 5000+ hrs as per ASTM-D5894

D2Rust in Action

Marine Approval DNV-GL Certification