Glo-Protek B30HB (Auto Underbody Coat)

High-build, resin-modified, pigment-enhanced bituminous anti-corrosive coating for automobile underbody

At Glo-Protek B30HB is a high-build, resin-modified, pigment-enhanced bituminous anticorrosive coating for automobile underbody applications. This specially modified product is suited for hot and humid tropical weather conditions and direct exposure to moisture. Glo-Protek B30HB cures to form a tough abrasion-resistant anti-corrosive coat that provides excellent weather protection to steel surfaces by blocking direct moisture effectively. Glo-Protek B30HB is also resistant to mild acids, alkalis and chemicals.

Glo-Protek B30HB provides excellent protection against steel corrosion for interior as well as exterior industrial structures, open weather structures, automobile underbody coating, pipelines, hydraulic structures, marine installations, etc. Glo-Protek B30HB offers an easy-to-use, high-performance as well as cost-effective anti-corrosive solution.


  • High-performance coating for protection of steel surfaces
  • Suitable for industrial structures, open weather structures, automobile underbody coating, pipelines, hydraulic structures, marine installations etc.
  • High-build
  • Resin-modified
  • Pigment-enhanced
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Excellent abrasion-resistant tough coat
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Suitable for hot and humid tropical weather conditions
  • Good resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Good resistance to chemicals

Technical Data

Colour Black
Finish Matt to Semi-glossy
Volume solids Approx. 55%
Recommended DFT 75-100 microns for underbody applications
Corresponding Wet Film Thickness 135-180 microns
Coverage 7.25 m2/l @ 75 microns DFT
5.35 m2/l @ 100 microns DFT
Drying Time* (normal air drying) Surface dry - 4 to 6 hours
Hard dry - 24 hours (under normal air drying)
Full cure - 7- 8 days (under normal air drying)
Overcoating Interval (normal air drying) Minimum 24 hours (under normal air drying)
Flash point Above 30°C
Shelf Life (in cool and dry place) Up to 8 months so long as the material is stored in sealed containers under warehouse storage conditions.

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation & Substrate Condition

  • The steel surface should be roughened and cleaned by blast-cleaned to Swedish specification Sa 2½ grade minimum for optimum adhesion. Alternatively, the surface could be prepared to Swedish specification St 2 or St 3 grade by using power tools along with manual wire brushing to thoroughly remove loose rust/scales. Remove grease, oil and dirt. A rough, clean, dry and contamination-free surface is essential for optimum adhesion. Suitability of a primer use should also be determined for a particular surface and type of application before use.
  • Also any previous paint, dirt and surface contaminations should be removed by scrubbing or using high-pressure water jets.
  • The substrate temperature should be between 10°C and 50°C, and also the relative humidity should not be in excess of 90%.

Method of Application

By Brush or Roller
Recommended thinner : T-42B
Volume of thinner : 0 - 15 %

By Airless spray
Recommended thinner : T42B
Volume of thinner : 0 - 15 %
Nozzle orifice : 0.53 - 0.66 mm
Nozzle pressure : 3000–3500 psi (20.68 – 24.13 MPa, or 204 - 238 atm or 211-246 kg/sq. cm)

Packing and Storage

Packing : 20-liter drums
Storage : Store in sealed containers under cool and dry conditions. Store in accordance with local regulations.