Glo-Protect RainShield Coat

Glo-Protek RainShield Coat (GRC) is an Acrylic based elastomeric waterproof coating. After drying it forms a film of exceptional strength and flexibility that prevents peeling, fungi / algae growth, future cracks and water seepage. GRC bridges bigger cracks effectively and it is ultra voilet resistant.

Features / Advantages:

  • Possess elongation properties to bridge existing cracks (upt 0.5mm) and prevents future cracks with abosolute finality
  • Remarkable elasticity and resilience for substrate’s thermal expansion and contraction
  • Optimised rheology for high film build
  • Breathability for preventing moisture in walls and roofs (MICROPOROUS)
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces
  • Excellent alkali resistance
  • Resistance to chalking & flaking
  • UV resistant for outstanding durability
  • Available in 120+ attractive shades


Nature One component, water thinnable
Thinner Potable water
Drying Time Dry to touch - 30 min
Recoating Period Min 2 hours
Elongation up to 1000%
Coverage Self thinner Coat 140-160 sq.ft/Kg/ coat
Finish Coat - 80-95 sq.ft/Kg/coats
May vary as per the porosity of substrate
No. of coats 3 coats (Including primer coat) or depending upon the substrate
Finish Application Smooth & Matt
Temperature withstand capacity -40ºC to 85ºC

Direction for use

Adequate surface preparation as given below is a must for product performance.


GRC is a must on masonry surface to ensure maximum penetration & adhesion to substrate.

New Masonary

Power wash to ensure no under bound cement remains on the surface. Allow surface to dry. Apply 1:1 diluted GRC at a spread rate of 130-160 sq.ft. per kg. per coat depending on the porosity of the concrete. Allow 2-4 hrs. to dry.

Existing Masonary

Power wash to remove all loosely adhered coatings & other contaminants. Fill existing cracks with paintable sealant. Apply 1:1 diluted GRC at a spread rate of 140-160 sq.ft. per kg. per coat depending on the porosity of the concrete.

Application of Glo-Protek RainShield Coat (GRC)

GRC can be applied by roller or brush. Coating should not diluted with water. Apply first coat at a spread rate of 7- 6.5 kg. per coat. Allow to dry for 4 hours.(preferably 24 hrs.) Apply 2nd coat at a spread rate of 7- 9.5 per kg. per coat.


Glo-Protek RainShield Coat (GRC) is applicable for

  • Exterior RCC surface
  • Masonry walls or facades
  • Stone walls
  • Asbestos
  • China mosaic tiles
  • Sloping roofs.


  1. Use of GRC diluted primer is a must
  2. Do not dilute top coats
  3. For better performance, fill the existing cracks with Sealant
  4. The substrate should be free from chalking, dust, grease, loose paint, fungus & algae.

Shelf Life

12 months if stored at room temperature.