Glo-Protect HS Surface Tolerent Coating-138

Glo-Protek High Solids Surface Tolerent Coating-138 is a two component Polyamide cured High Solids Surface Tolerence and Anticorrosive Epoxy coating applied by Stiff Bristle Brush / Airless Spray suitable for application on thoroughly prepared concrete and steel surfaces to provide an absolutely impervious finish. These coating cures to form a very tough wear resistant coating to withstand seawater, fresh water, various solvents, chemicals, fats, floor coating, dilute acids and almost all environmental conditions.

Suggested USES

Most ideal coating for use in solvent/fuel storage tanks both concrete and steel, battery pits/compartments in ships, submarines and offshore/offshore oil installations etc. Two to three coats are generally recommended for use in battery pits/compartments, various types of fuel, chemical, solvent storage tanks, ballast, fresh water, distilled water tanks, ETP tanks, MS checkered plates etc.


Colour White / Pink / Grey Pastel colours
Finish Semi – glossy
Flash Point > 25º C
Volume solids 85% approx.
Mixing Ratio Base : 4 & Adduct : 1 by weight
Pot Life Min. 2 hours
Recommended DFT/Coat 150 ± 25 μ / coat.
Theoretical Covering 5.6 M² / Ltr./Coat at 150 μ
Method of Application Stiff Brush/ Airless Spray
Heat Resistance Upto 120ºC dry heat (Intermittently)
Airless Spray Tip size: 0.021"- 0.025"
Fluid pressure: 3000- 3500 psi
Thinner Recommended None for application.
Use Glo-Protek Thinner for cleaning of brushes, and spray equipment, etc.
Drying Time Surface Dry : Max. 5 hours @ 30º C
Hard Dry : Max. 16 hours @ 30º C
Full Cure : 7 days
Overcoating Interval Min. 24 hours
Surface Preparation Glo-Protek Lpoxy Primer

Shelf Life

6 months in sealed container stored at room temperature


10 litres