Glo-Protek HB Coal Tar Epoxy Black M-122

Glo-Protek HB Coal Tar Epoxy Black M-122 is a Two Pack High Build Polyamine cured Coal Tar Epoxy Coating providing excellent adhesion, toughness, resistance to water, chemicals, chemically polluted water, crude oil, etc. but not resistant aliphatic / aromatic solvents.

Suggested Uses

Glo-Protek HB Coal Tar Epoxy Black-M-122 is ideal for long-term protection of steel on the underwater hull exterior in conjunction with cathodic protection owing to its excellent acid / alkali resistance. It is also suitable for application in the cargo holds of bulk carriers, interiors ballast tanks, Ext. Hull underwater, etc. Apply only over an Epoxy Primer.

Technical Data

Colour Black/Brown
Finish / Sheen Egg-Shell to Semi-glossy
Flash Point > 25ºC
Mixing Ratio Base : Adduct – 3 : 1 by volume
Pot Life 1 – 2 hrs
Volume Solids 63% ±2
Recommended DFT 75 to 100µ
Covering Capacity 6.3 M²/ltr. at 100µ
With 30% Loss 4.4 M² @ 100 µ
Method of Application Brush/Roller/Con./Airless Spray.
Airless Spray Tip size: 0.018"-0.021"
Fluid Pressure : 2000-3000 psi.
Drying Time Surface Dry : 1-2 hours
Hard Dry : 24 hours
Full Cure 7 days
Intercoat Interval Minimum 12 hours, Maximum 5 days
(for best results overcoat within 48 hours)
Thinner Recommended Not for Thinning / Epoxy Thinner for cleaning of equipment

Surface Preparation

Degrease and blast Clean to Sa 2½ suitably primed

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of manufacture


Ventilate confined spaces adequately prior to and during application to avoid suffocation.