Glo-Protect B50 HB Coal Tar Epoxy

High-Build, Two-component, Water-resistant, High-performance, Anti- corrosive Concrete Surface Encapsulating, Modified Polyamide cured Coal Tar Epoxy Coating

Glo-Protect B50 HB Coal Tar Epoxy is a high build black paint based on a special type Coal Tar Epoxy.

This ultimately cures to a tough abrasion -resistant coating having excellent water resistance and also resistance to mild acid, alkali & chemicals.

It is suitable for protection of concrete jetties, slabs,pilings, barrage gates, penstocks, coal bunkers, pipelines, structures etc.


  • High-performance coating for steel surfaces and concrete
  • High-build
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Excellent abrasion-resistant tough coat
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Suitable for all weather conditions

Surface Preparation & Substrate Condition


Remove grease, oil and other contaminants preferably by using Degreasing Means. Use Glo-Protek Rust Converter - Marine Grade after full use of mechanical tools along with manual chipping and wire brushing to remove loose rust and scale.


For new concrete surface: Ensure that the surface is cured for minimum 1 months. Remove laitence, loose surface powder bylight sand blasting. If blast cleaning is not feasible, roughen the surface by acid etching with 10% Hydrochloric Acid solution followed by thorough freshwater hosing to remove anyresidual acid. The surface should be perfectly dry and clean before applying appropriate primer.

For old concrete surface: Remove grease,oil etc by solvent wiping. Remove watersoluble contaminants by fresh water hosing.Roughen the surface by acid etching, if light sand blasting is not feasible. The surface should be perfectly dry and clean before applying appropriate primer.


Colour Black
Finish Eggshell
Volume solids Approx. 65%
Recommended DFT/Coat 100-125 microns
Coverage 6.50 m2/l @ 100 microns DFT
5.20 m2/l @ 125 microns DFT
Drying Time (normal air drying) Surface dry - 5 to 10 hours
Hard dry - 24 hours
Full cure - 7 days
Overcoating Interval (normal air drying)) Minimum 12 to 16 hours (normal air drying)


Stir the base and hardener separately. If there is any settling observed in the base or hardener, then loosen the settled material with the help of hand stirrer followed by power driven stirrer for quick homogenous mixing. The hardner is mixed gradually into the base under continuous stirring as follows:

Mixing Ratio (by Volume) 4 :1 (Base: 4, Hardner: 1)
Induction time None
Pot life at 300C 7 to 8 hours

Old Concrete: Remove all salt deposits from the surface by water jet washing. Light sand blast the surface or hard wire brush to remove all loosely bound coatings and roughening up of firmly adhering coating to ensure anchorage with the primer. Ensure all dust/other particles are fully removed by suction or air blast and the surface is fully cleaned and dry before application of paint.

Method of Application

By Brush
Recommended thinner : T - 43E
Volume of thinner : 0 - 20 %

By Airless spray
Recommended thinner : T - 43E
Volume of thinner : 0 - 20 %
Nozzle orifice : 0.53 - 0.66 mm
Nozzle pressure : 20 - 24 MPa (= Approx. 200-240 atm; or 2800-3400 p.s.i.)


20 Liters.


Store in sealed containers under cool and dry conditions

Safety Information

As a general safety precaution, care should be taken to avoid contact of liquid paint with skin and eyes, and inhalation of solvent vapors or paint mist should be avoided. Air movement should be ensured with proper forced ventilation when applying the paint in confined spaces. Skin, eye and respiratory protection is always recommended at all times while coating.