Glo-Protect High Build Epoxy Finish Coat for Concrete-117C

Glo-Protek High Build Epoxy Finish Coat for Concrete-117C is a Polyamide cured high build epoxy finish coating with UV resistance properties supplied as a two pack system


Glo-Protek High Build Epoxy Finish Coat for Concrete-117C provides an impervious finish coat with excellent resistance to the surface against mechanical wear and attack from various chemicals, UV, water & fumes. The product is available in various colours and is ideal for commercial and industrial concrete top coat especially in a marine and humid environment, Concrete bridges, Chemical handling & process plants, Fertilizer complexes, Dairies, Breweries, Oil Refineries etc.


Colour Greys or As Required
Finish Semi Glossy
Flash Point > 25ºC
Mixing Ratio 4 : 1
Pot Life 4 hrs. at 30ºC
Volume Solids 60% ±2
Recommended Dft 50 - 60μ per coat
Covering Capacity 10.0 M²/ltr. at 60μ
Method Of Application Brush/Con./Airless Spray
Airless Spray Tip Size : 0.021"- 0.026"
Fluid Pressure : 2500- 3500 Psi.
Drying Time Surface Dry : 30 minutes maximum
Hard Dry : 12 – 16 hrs.
Full Cure : 7 days
Covering Capacity 3.5 to 4.5 sqm per KG per coat depending on the surface. (150-200 Microns Dry Film Thickness per coat)
Overcoating Interval Minimum 24 hrs. & Maximum 7 days
(for optimum intercoat adhesion overcoat within 48 hours). After prolonged exposure times it may be necessary to roughen the surface to ensure intercoat adhesion.
Thinner Recommended Glo-Protek Epoxy Thinner

Shelf Life : 12 Months

Packing : 20 Liters

Surface Preparation

Should be applied over concrete surface duly primed with epoxy primer. Ensure that surface is dry, free from salts, grease and all contaminants prior to painting.