Glo-Protect Waterbased Epoxy Floor Coating-234

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Epoxy based Modified polyamine adduct LOW VOC

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Glo-Protek Water based Epoxy Floor Coating-234 is Ideal as primer for concrete. It has adhesion promoters to work on problematic concrete substrates. The product can be applied to wet and damp surfaces also.

Typical properties

  • Relatively low Viscosity and good working properties
  • Outstanding adhesion to wet concrete and good visibility aspect.
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Good workability since it takes approx 30 minutes to become tacky ( suitable for Indian conditions)

Typical Mix properties and performance characteristics:

Properties Test Method Unit Specification
Mixing - By Weight 100:50
Mix Viscosity@ 25 Deg C JIS-K-7233 ( 86) Cps 1000-1200
Gel time (100 gm mix) @ 25 Deg C Techno GT-3 Gelatin timer Minutes 30 mins
Thin Film set time @ 25 Deg C - Hours 1 hour
Amine Value of hardner (ISO 9702) [mg KOH/g] Mg KOH/g (250-290)
Colour Gardener No <2
Hardness Shore D - 84
Compressive strength ASTM D-695 (85) Kg/cm2 600-650


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