AntiSlip880 Wet Floor Safety Solutions

Monarch Coating Pvt. Ltd. (MCPL) delivers an anti-slip tile treatment (not a coating that will wear off ) for tile, marble, terrazzo, granite, etc. The treatment increases the slip resistance of all types of tiles - smooth or floated surfaces, reducing the possibility of slip related accidents.

This treatment works just below the surface of the tile and changes the molecular structure of the tile with special eco-friendly chemical treatment without changing the appearance or colour. It's a Non Hazardous, Non-Flammable safe solution.

The Problem

What is Glo-Protek Anti-Slip880?

  • A clear eco-friendly chemical treatment that increases the co-efficient of friction (SCOF) and the safety of the surface when wet.
  • Glo-Protek Anti-Slip880 treatment is a water soluble colorless liquid. It is not a coating that can wear and which requires repeated re-application.
  • Helps reduce slip injury on flooring like: Mosaic, Vitrified tiles, Granite, Kota stone, Ceramics tiles. etc.
  • Easy application.
  • One application lasts approximately five years.

Application Areas

Method of Application:

  • Clean/Scrub the surface with clean water (preferable to use tile cleaner)
  • Wipe it till it becomes dry.
  • Apply Glo-Protek Anti-Slip880 with a sponge and rub on the flooring smoothly for 5-10mins (Not allowing the chemical to dry). Keep pouring material if dry.
  • Lastly, after completion of the treatment, mop the flooring with water. And your floor is now Anti Slip.
  • If you find some white patches on surface after application, it will be out in few days routine wash.

DOSAGES (Approximate)

Product / Flooring Ratio - Anti-Slip880 : Water Scrubbing Time
Vitrified / Spartex / Acrylic Tiles 1:4 10 min
Porcelain Tiles 1:4 5 min
Marble 1:7 7 min
Granite 1:7/8 5 min
Kota Ladi 1:4/5 6 min

NOTE: Marble and Granite are sensitive floors, try on a small portion first before carrying out the complete job.

Glo-Protek Anti-Slip880 safety treatment being cost efficient:

Our safety treatment is a cost efficient and effective method that works and delivers outstanding results immediately. Now you won't need to go to the expense of removing the troublesome slippery tiled floors and replacing them with non-slip flooring, because slippery floors are history.

MCPL provide a 3 year guarantee on their non-slip treatments for private homes and 2 year guarantee for high tread count, commercial areas. Work can be carried out with minimum disruption to daily routines. Additionally, the treated areas can be walked on immediately following the completion of work.