Glo-Protek Rust Remover 34

Three in One Phosphating Chemical

Introduction :

Type : Three in one Phosphating.
Coating Characteristics : Thin iron phosphate in grey colour
Used On : Mild Steel
Application In : Paint Bonding
Method Of Application : Dip / Spray / Swab.

Chemical Characteristics :

Tests Glo-Protek Rust Remover - 34
Chemical composition Phosphoric Acid & surfactant
Physical form Liquid
Odour Acrid
Recommended diluent Water
Solubility in Water Complete
pH of working concentration Less than 1
Flash Point None
Specific Gravity 1.12 +/- 1.16
Normal working concentration As supplied
Normal working Temperature Ambient to 50°C


  1. Components may be dipped in Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34 solution as supplied till rust & grease is removed (generally for 5 – 10 min.). Components are than removed & dried in atmosphere or oven.
  2. Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34 may be used by spray or swab components are dried as above. No water rinse is required in case of (1) or (2).


  1. Temperature(Ambient) - Ambient to 50°C
  2. Application Time - 10 - 15 min


Stage I : Apply Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34 by dipp / spray /swab method without any dilution.

Stage II : After application of Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34, dry the components in atmosphere or in oven.

Stage III : Apply oil or paint as the case may be.


Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34 does not need any bath control. Any oil / grease floating on the surface of the bath should be removed from time to time.


Mild steel tanks are suitable for storing Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34


Glo-Protek Rust Remover – 34 is highly acidic. Direct contact with eyes or skin causes burns, harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Avoid contact with eyes skin and clothing. Wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and other protective clothing. Wash thoroughly with water. Use adequate ventilation.

First Aid : In case of contact, immediately flush eye or skin with large quantities of cool water. For eyes get medical attention immediately. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.

If Swallowed : Wash mouth with water, drink water followed by milk or milk of magnesia. Get prompt medical attention.

Disposal : Neutralise with alkaline material, dilute & discharge in accordance with state regulations

Packing : 35 litr HDPE carboys.


Suitable for general indoor storage. Keep container closed when not in use.
Effect of high temperature storage………… None
Effect of low temperature storage…………. None
Effect of aging ………………………………. None up to 2 years.