Glo-Protect Fire Retardant Coating FR-401

Glo-Protect Fire Retardant Coating FR-401 works on the phenomenon of intumescence, which means it fumes when heated. This fume serves as insulation to the combustible area thereby arresting the spread of heat/flames. This Fire Retardant Coating provides:

  1. Excellent insulation to the coated substrate against fire.
  2. Flexible non-sagging coating.
  3. Good protection to steel surfaces against corrosion.
  4. Excellent application properties.

This Fire Retardant Coating is mainly used in the interior of buildings, exterior surfaces of combustible structures, the below deck area on board ships where heat insulation is provided and the lagging which covers the insulation material.


Colour Pastel shades
Finish Smooth Semi-glossy
Flash Point > 30ºC
Volume Solids 50% + 2
Recommended DFT 100μ
Theoretical Spreading 10 M2 @ 50μ
Mode of Application Brush / Roller/ Spray
Drying Time Surface Dry : 1 hour
Hard Dry : 24 hours
Overcoating Interval 24 hours
Thinner Recommended Thinner for Firetard
Primer Recommended Firetard Primer
Shelf Life 12 months

Surface Preparation

The surface to be painted should be free from all surface contaminants. Steel surfaces to be coated may be treated with Glo-Protek primer. Allow Primer to dry for 24 hours. Then apply 2 coats of Glo-Protek FIRE RETARDANT COATING FR-401works with an interval of 24 hours between the coatings. Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours minimum before it is subject to use.

Packing : 20 litres, 4 litres.

Precautions : Keep Out of Reach of Children