Glo-Prolek Rus-Top Coil Guard Air Conditioner Protector

Corrosion-Rust is one of the most avoidable but common reasons for declining performance and efficiency of air conditioning systems. As most facility managers are aware, operating your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) equipment accounts for 30-50% of your energy bill.

Glo-Protek Rus-Top Coil Guard (RCG) coil treatment is a heavy duty protective spray coating designed to reduce saline and industrial corrosion of aluminium fin, copper tube, air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils.

Glo-Protek RCG is a blend of Nano base Polyvinyl and Phosphating treatment which is unaffected by sunlight, weather, salt, dust and therefore able to protect the aluminium fin and copper coils from severe corrosion, oxidation and industrial pollutants.

Glo-Protek RCG forms a moisture resistant layer preventing the intrusion of water even in high humidity environments.


Glo-Protek RCG has been salt spray tested as per ASTM B-117 standard, weathering test as per ASTM D-1014 and field tested having virtually no adverse effect on heat transfer. The product is non-conductive and dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and full cure within a couple of hours.

The Problem

The irons attack the metal, forming pits that form pinholes, causing the coils to leak refrigerant. The coil and fins will reduce their heat transfer / conductivity very significantly, clog up with dirt and salt adhesion, become brittle and will literally fall apart, sometimes in a matter of few months.

The rusted and clogged-up coils will have greatly reduced airflow, therefore, they will lose efficiency and generate bacteria, mold spores, etc. These are the primary sources of indoor air quality problems and odors. As the air continues to flow across the coils and circulate throughout the building, its quality is compromised.

The Solution

GLO-PROTEK RCG will help in keeping the evaporator coil and surrounding ductwork clean and rust free enabling the system to provide optimum cooling and to remain free of biological growths. It will entail in CLEANING and PROTECTING the coil, followed by SANITIZING of the coil and surrounding ductwork and in PREVENTION of controling biological growths.

  • Enhance the cooling system’s reliability and service life.
  • Saves money by reducing wear and tear by extending coil life.
  • Reduces discomfort due to loss of efficiency of unit.
  • Reduces overall maintenance cost.
  • Lengthens product life expectancy.

Overall important part of this degradation is due to corrosion in the coils of the chillers and three important things to remember are:

  1. Corrosion will occur in every AC chiller coil.
  2. Corrosion is the most important factor in the decrease of efficiency of your chiller.
  3. Corrosion is also one of the easiest to tackle and avoid.


  • Protection against corrosion.
  • Maintain asset performance.
  • Saves power consumption.
  • Extend life of equipment.
  • Costs a fraction when compared to condensing unit replacement cost.
  • Protects without affecting heat transfer.
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Directions for Use:

GLO-PROTEK RUS-TOP COIL GUARD is easy to use. Since it is ready-to-use, it can be sprayed directly onto a cleaned coil.

  1. Firstly, it is necessary to clean finned heating and cooling coils with soap and appropriate means.
  2. After a complete cleaning to remove all dirt and grime from the coils, rinse thoroughly with water to complete the cleaning action.
  3. Once cleaned, make sure it’s completely dry, then simply spray the finned coils and its surrounding areas with Glo-Protek RCG using a gentle back and forth action similar to that used for spray painting.
  4. Once applied, Glo-Protek RCG will inhibit the dirt and grime from adhering, enabling the coil to stay clean longer and to operate at design efficiency.
  5. As in the case with handling coil cleaners, always use personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles.

Note: If the surface is surrounded by RUST, please use Glo-Protek Rust Remover-34 before beginning with the cleaning process for best results.