Glo-Protect Epoxy Primer for Concrete 111-C

A specially designed two pack Polyamide cured Epoxy Primer for concrete containing HB Zinc Phosphate pigment.


Better application properties & intercoat adhesion, faster drying and excellent corrosion resistance to reinforced concrete due to low permeability and Zinc Phosphate pigment.


Colour Grey
Finish Matt to Egg-Shell
Flash Point > 25ºC
Mixing Ratio Base : Adduct
Approx 5 : 1 by vol.
Pot Life 8 Hours
Salt Spray (ASTM B117) Passes min 500 Hr Test
Volume Solids 48% ± 2
Recommended DFT 35 - 40μ per coat
Covering Capacity 10.50 M²/ltr. at 40μ
Method of Application Brush/Roller/Airless/Con. Spray
Airless Spray Tip size : 0.018" - 0.024"
Fluid Pressure : 2500 – 3000 psi.
Thinner Glo-Protek Epoxy Thinner
Drying Time Surface Dry : 30 minutes
Hard Dry : 6 to 8 hours
Over coating Interval 16 hrs. Minimum, (for best results overcoat within 48 hours.) Maximum overcoat interval can be anything between 16 hrs. to three months extendible up to eight months subject to proper inspection and preparation of the surface prior to application of subsequent coats.

Surface Preparation

New Concrete:

  1. Should be properly cured, a minimum of 28 days, for maximum strength properties. Concrete must be structurally sound.
  2. Remove all oil, grease, dirt, dust, surface laitance or other foreign contaminants before application of each coat.
  3. Expansion/Control joints (and sealants thereof) floor drains, floor termination points etc. require special attention.
  4. Fill all forms of voids, honeycombs and other surface irregularities.

Old Concrete/ Previously Coated:

  1. All guidelines as for new concrete (above) apply in addition to the following
  2. For best results remove all previous coatings. Always remove flaking, peeling, wrinkled or partially delaminated coatings.

Storage Life : 12 Months

Packing : 20 Litres

Precautions : Ventilate the area to be painted thoroughly to avoid suffocation while application.