Glo-Protect Synthetic Marine Enamel

Glo-Protek Synthetic Marine Enamel is a single pack, air-drying, Modified Alkyd based color enamel coating specially designed paint which offers a tough & hard wearing coating resistant to abrasion, resistance to fresh water, lubricating oil etc.


General purpose enamel suitable for industrial atmospheric conditions. It has good colour retention. Over coating on adherent old enamel, P U Coatings and also Epoxy Finishes.


Colour Range of Colours
Finish Glossy
Application Air Spray, Brush
Volume Solids Approx. 40%
Recommended DFT/COAT 25-30 Microns
Mixing Ratio 8 : 1 by volume
Theoretical spreading rate Approx 16.00 - 13.00 M2 /Ltr at above DFT
Surface Dry 3.5-4 hours at 30º C
Hard Dry 12 hours
Overcoating Interval Min: 12 Hrs. Max No limit
Thinner Synthetic Thinner

Surface Preparation

Apply suitable primer. Surface/previous coat to be dry and free from all surface contaminations. If applied over old painted surface, it should be roughened sufficiently before painting

Health & Safety

As a general rule, avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and contact of paint with skin and eyes. Provide forced ventilation when working with solvent born coating in confined spaces or stagnant. Skin and eye protection follow the local and national regulations