Glo-Protect AluTough HR 700

Single pack, silicone resin based, heat resisting coating


  • Heat resistant up to 700°C
  • Good water & weather resistance
  • Can be directly applied over aluminum /zinc metalized substrate or zinc silicate primer
  • Not recommended for immersion service
  • As common to all aluminum coatings, loss of lustre can be observed when directly exposed to acid & alkalis

Technical Data

Colour Aluminum
Gloss Eggshell (with dull lustre)
Volume solids Approx. 28%
Recommended DFT/Coat 20 -25 microns
Theoretical covering capacity 13.00 m2/ l @ 20 microns dft
11.00 m2/ l @ 25 microns dft
Drying time at 30°C Surface dry - 1 hour
Hard dry - 16 hours
Overcoating interval at 30°C Min. : 16 hours
Max. : Unlimited, provided surface is dry and free from all Contamination
Shelf life ( cool & dry place) At least 12 months
Flash point Not less than 29°C

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation & Substrate Condition

  • Suitable zinc silicate primer or over aluminum /zinc metallized surface; dry & free from all surface contamination mist coat is recommended when applied over zinc silicate primer. - For application over weathered zinc primers, ensure white rust removal by thorough water scrubbing / high-pressure water cleaning.
  • Surface temperature must be atleast 3°C above dew point but not above 50 °C
  • For long term protection, we recommend application of primer coat
  • This product should not be applied on hot surfaces


If settling is observed in the drum, loosen the settled material with the help of hand stirrer followed by power driven stirrer for quick homogenous mixing

Method of Application

By Brush

Recommended thinner : R - 131
Volume of thinner : 0 to 5%

By Air spray

Recommended thinner : R - 131
Volume of thinner : 0 - 10%
Nozzle orifice : 1.5 - 3.00 mm
Nozzle pressure : 0.3- 0.4 MPa (= approx. 3-4 atm, 43-57 p.s.i.)

By Airless spray

Recommended thinner : T - 131
Volume of thinner : 0 - 5%
Nozzle orifice : 0.28 - 0.33 mm
Nozzle pressure : 10-13 MPa (= approx. 100-130 atm, 1400-1800 p.s.i.)

Packing and Storage

Packing : 20-liter
Storage : Store in sealed containers under cool and dry conditions.
Storage : Store in a cool ,dry place. Store in accordance with local regulations.

Safety Information

As a general rule, avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and contact of paint with skin and eyes. Provide forced ventilation when working with solvent born coating in confined spaces or stagnant air. Skin and eye protection follow the local and international regulations.