Glo-Protect B30HB

High-build, resin-modified, pigment-enhanced bituminous anti-corrosive coating for steel protection

Glo-Protek B30HB is a high-build, resin-modified, pigment-enhanced, two pack bituminous anticorrosive coating for pipelines and structural applications. This specially modified product is suited for hot and humid tropical weather conditions and direct exposure to moisture. Glo-Protek B30HB cures to form a tough abrasion-resistant anti-corrosive coat that provides excellent weather protection to steel surfaces by blocking direct moisture effectively. Glo-Protek B30HB is also resistant to mild acids, alkalis and chemicals.

Glo-Protek B30HB provides excellent protection against steel corrosion for interior as well as exterior industrial structures, corss country pipelines, open weather structures, automobile underbody coating, pipelines, hydraulic structures, marine installations, etc. Glo-Protek B30HB offers an easy-to-use, high-performance as well as cost-effective anti-corrosive solution.


  • High-performance coating for protection of steel surfaces
  • Suitable for pipelines, industrial structures, open wether structures, automobile underbody coating, hydraulic structures, marine installations etc.
  • High-build
  • Pigment-enhanced
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Excellent abrasion-resistant tough coat
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Suitable for hot and humid tropical weather conditions
  • Good resistance to acids and alkalies
  • Good resistance to chemicals

Technical Data

Colour Black
Gloss Eggshell to Semi-glossy
Volume solids Approx. 55%
Mixing Ratio 3 : 1 by volume
Recommended DFT 75-100 microns for underbody applications
Corresponding Wet Film Thickness 135-180 microns
Coverage 7.25 m2/l @ 75 microns DFT
5.35 m2/l @ 100 microns DFT
Drying Time* (normal air drying) Surface dry - 4 to 6 hours
Hard dry - 24 hours (under normal air drying)
Full cure - 7- 8 days (under normal air drying)
Overcoating Interval (normal air drying) Minimum 24 hours (under normal air drying)
Flash point Above 30°C
Shelf Life (in cool and dry place) Up to 12 months so long as the material is stored in sealed containers under warehouse storage conditions.
* Drying times can be slightly longer under some humid conditions

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation & Substrate Condition

  • The steel surface should be roughened and cleaned by blast-cleaned to Swedish specification Sa 2½ grade minimum for optimum adhesion. Alternatively, the surface could be prepared to Swedish specification St 2 or St 3 grade by using power tools along with manual wire brushing to thoroughly remove loose rust/scales. Remove grease, oil and dirt. A rough, clean, dry and contamination-free surface is essential for optimum adhesion. Suitability of a primer use should also be determined for a particular surface and type of application before use.
  • Also any previous paint, dirt and surface contaminations should be removed by scrubbing or using high-pressure water jets.
  • The substrate temperature should be between 10°C and 50°C, and also the relative humidity should not be in excess of 90%. The steel surface should be cleaned by blast-cleaned

Method of Application

By Brush or Roller

Thinner : B31T but Direct application recommended
Volume of thinner : 0 to 10 %

By Airless spray

Recommended thinner : B31T
Volume of thinner : 0 - 10 %
Nozzle orifice : 0.53 - 0.66 mm
Nozzle pressure : 3000–3500 psi (20.68 – 24.13 MPa, or 204 - 238 atm or 211-246 kg/sq. cm)

Packing and Storage

Packing : 20-liter drums
Storage : Store in sealed containers under cool and dry conditions.
Storage : Store in accordance with local regulations.

Safety Information

As a general safety precaution, care should be taken to avoid contact of liquid paint with skin and eyes and inhalation should be avoided. Air movement should be ensured with proper ventilation when applying the paint in confined spaces. Skin, eye and respiratory protection is always recommended at all times while painting