Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB

Descaler based on Hydrochloric Acid

Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HBis a Hydrochloric Acid based highly active cleaning agent and descaler, blended with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents. It has a special film forming inhibitor to protect carbon steel, copper, and brass against acid attack. This inhibitor also helps to enhances the effectiveness of the acid.

Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB is used as a descaler for either boiler water, cooling water or heat exchange systems to dissolve lime scale deposits and to remove scales in the pipelines. Please note that Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB should not be used on stainless steel, aluminium or galvanized surfaces.


  • Easy to handle
  • Dissolves scales rapidly
  • Offers uniform descaling
  • Non inflammable


For boilers and cooling towers: Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB works effectively from 30% to 50% and from room temperature to 80 deg C and circulated for about 4 hours. The accurate concentration will depend on the actual quantity of scale and the nature of scale that is present in the equipment.

For pipelines it can be used at 40 % to as supplied. All the dilution is with water.

If the descaling is not complete, refill and repeat. After it is in use for some time the colour of the chemical will turn to yellow and this indicates that more Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB should be added. Once when the descaling is satisfactorily completed the pipes/equipment should be drained and flushed thoroughly.


Glo-Protek Rust Descaler-HB and its solutions are strongly acidic. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product


Up to twelve months as long as the sealed containers are kept under cover in a dry place under normal temperature conditions


As a general rule, avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and contact of paint with skin and eyes. Provide forced ventilation when working with solvent born coating in confined spaces or stagnant. Skin and eye protection follow the local and national regulations.