Glo-Protek RustBust 199

Rust Preventive Solution


  • Glo-Protek RustBust 199 prevents rust from ever starting and rusted area, which can still happen in spite of All MS Steel parts, joints, Nut & Bolts.
  • Glo-Protek RustBust 199’s Exclusive anti-rust protection that treats the metal and resists process of rusting effectively.
  • The Glo-Protek RustBust 199 penetrates all hidden areas that are most vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Encapsulates the metal to prevent salt and moisture from forming rust.
  • Provides durable and effective solution for all types of small and large parts.


Colour Brownish
Finish Matt
Application Spray, Brush, Dip
Volume Solids Approx. 18%
Recommended DFT/COAT 05-7 Microns
At Above DFT Approx 24.00-18.00 Sqm /Ltr at above DFT
Surface Dry 30 Minutes at 30ºC
Hard Dry 8 Hrs. or stove at 100ºC for 5 minutes
Overcoat Interval Min. : 8 hrs. & Max. : No limit
Flash Point Above 23° C
Thinner Not required

Surface Preparation

Surface coat to be dry and free from all surface contaminations. Remove loose rust scales, flaking rust, old paint and dirt from the corroded metal surface with the use of wire brush, paint remover etc. If there are oil or grease particles, it must be thoroughly cleaned by appropriate means.

However, there is no need to remove all the traces of rust, since the adherent rust is automatically converted into metal complex compound with Glo-Protek RustBust 119


As a general rule, avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and contact of paint with skin and eyes. Provide forced ventilation when working with solvent born coating in confined spaces or stagnant air. Skin and eye protection follow the local and national regulations.