Glo-Protek Lpoxy High Solids Surface Tolerant Rust Converter Primer

A two component Surface Tolerant Rust Converter Primer based on Polysulfide modified epoxy resin incorporating zinc phosphate pigment and cured with Phenalkamine hardener.


An ideal surface-tolerant shop coat and intermediate coat for rusty steel where elaborate surface preparation is not possible. Incorporation of rust-inhibitive pigment like zinc phosphate and Polysulfide epoxy binder makes this protective coat protect steel through the barrier and inhibition mechanisms. This coating can be applied to the interior of tanks and on bridges as well as host of other applications in open structure, power, oil, petroleum, fertilizer, chemical and marine industries.


High solids, better application properties intercoat, conventional shopadhesion, faster drying and excellent corrosion resistance. Moisture Tolerant and cures at lower temperature.


Colour Grey
Finish / Sheen Matt
Mixing ratio 6 : 1 by volume
Volume Solids 59% + 2
Pot life 4 - 6 hours @ 30ºC
Theoretical Covering 11.1 M2 / litre @ 50μ dft. (90μ wft).
Mode of Application Brush / Roller / Conventional / Airless spray.
Airless Spray Tip size: 0.019" – 0.024" & Fluid Pressure: 2300 – 3200 psi.
Thinner Recommended None for application by brush. For Con. Spray use 5 - 10% of Glo-Protek Epoxy Thinner.
Drying Time Surface dry : 45 - 60 minutes @ 30ºC & Hard dry : 3 hours @ 30ºC
Full Cure Full Cure : 7 days
Overcoating Interval 3 hours minimum and maximum upto 30 days
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored at room temperature.


20 ltrs.


The Company provides technical advisory service supported by a team of specialists in the field.


Use rubber hand gloves and safety goggles while handling this material. Normal PPE can be used. As a general rule, avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and contact of paint with skin and eyes. Provide forced ventilation when working with solvent born coating in confined spaces or stagnant. Skin and eye protection follow the local and national regulations.